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About Us

lijasupply is our on line sales platform for our parent company antiquers supply. We are located at 2122 St.Patrick st in Montreal ( 514-932-0941). Our aim is to supply high quality products at a good price . We go for the higher  quality lines of products because we simply do not like poor quality in anything ,witch is all  to common in todays world. Customer satisfaction of a job well done with the right products is our satisfaction. The fun side of our business is working with wood . We have done colour matching for the movie set builders for several block buster movies . Seeing something that you had a hand in that millions of others are seeing is very satisfying . Just as important is the small contractor and home renovator  that we sell to as well .They need high quality stains and varnishes that are going to look good over the years to come. Artists and wood workers are also among our clients . Each idea that someone comes up with requires its own unique look and finish, and we are glad to be part of it .